Construct hands for playing bridge or as an aid to practicing and teaching.

Base system is Benjimised Acol with a weak no trump, but parameters can be amended to allow different conventions to be adapted by setting point ranges and suit lengths.

Outputs are in the form of PDFs with up to six hands per page. The outputs can be customised to show only one seat or all seats. Additional data, such as high-card point count and suit length points are included for those hands shown. An indication of losing trick count (either the original system or the modified system) can also be added.

Functions to be added:

  1. Allow vulnerability to factor into the hand selection,
  2. Extend additional parameters, e.g. response by partner to an opening bid, or overcall by opponents

To generate a page of 6 opening hands, showing all seats:

printHands(handType = "opener", num = 6, output = "FULL")

To generate a page of hands likely to open a pre-emptive at the 3-level, showing only the opener

printHands(handType = "preempt3", num = 6, output = "S")

Installation from CRAN: