Plotting in conquestr

Dan Cloney



conquestr has two main types of plotting functions:



This generic function, plotRout, will dispatch to specific methods depending on the class of the rout file. For example, in ConQuest if an ICC rout file is created, then when you call plotRout, the method plotRout.ICC will be called and an ICC will be returned.

myRout <- ConQuestRout()
#> no rout file provided, loading the example rout file instead
myPlot <- plotRout(myRout)

It is also to manually edit the returned object to do your own styling.

myPlot_themed <- myPlot + ggplot2::theme_dark()
myPlot_themed_new <- myPlot_themed
# remove geom_point layer
myPlot_themed_new$layers[[2]] <- NULL
grid.arrange(myPlot_themed, myPlot_themed_new)

General Plots

TODO here, add example of history plots. Especially with plot problems.

You can plot an arbitrary information function against a distribution of students - a so called information Wright map.

myDeltaDots <- data.frame(
  id = c(1:10),
  itemid = paste0("item", 1:10),
  delta = rnorm(10)

MyTaus <- data.frame(
  id = c(2L, 10L),
  itemId = NA,
  step = c(1L, 1L),
  tau = rnorm(2)

myItemList <- makeItemList(deltaDot = myDeltaDots, tau = MyTaus)

myPersons <- rnorm(500, 1, 1)
informationWrightMap(myItems = myItemList, myAbilities = myPersons, minTheta = -6, maxTheta = 6)