Dynamic R Prompt

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Set the R prompt dynamically, from a function. The package contains some examples.


This is prompt_fancy() and it has * The status of the last command (success or failure). * The amount of memory allocated by the current R process. * The name of the R package being developed using devtools. * Name of the active git branch. * State of the git working tree (needs pushes, pulls, and/or dirty).

A powerline clone, that also shows the system load average and the current working directory.


Install the package from CRAN, as usual:



Use one of the pre-defined prompts, as on the screenshots, or create your own. You can set the prompt in your .Rprofile. Maybe you only want to do this in interactive mode:

if (interactive()) prompt::set_prompt(prompt::prompt_fancy)

or the powerline prompt:

if (interactive()) prompt::set_prompt(prompt::new_prompt_powerline())


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