scrm R Package

scrm is a coalescence simulator for the evolution of biological sequences. It is available as a command line program at

This R package contains a copy scrm, packaged for convenient usage in R.


It is recommended to use the current CRAN version. It can be installed from within R using



Use the function scrm::scrm() to call scrm:

sum_stats <- scrm('5 1 -r 10 100 -t 5 -oSFS')

Help & Documentation


Please cite the following article when using scrm in a publication:

Paul R. Staab, Sha Zhu, Dirk Metzler and Gerton Lunter. scrm: efficiently simulating long sequences using the approximated coalescent with recombination. Bioinformatics (2015) 31 (10): 1680-1682. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btu861.

Bug Reports

Please report any problems via the issue tracker or via email to develop (at) paulstaab (dot) de.

Please include the version you are using and the exact command that causes the problem including seed (if applicable) in the report. Also, feel free to suggest features there.